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Checkmate Prologue Unedited and subject to change. Copyright, Emilia Finn, 2020   Gunner – Eleven Years Old “Come on, Doodlebug. You have to put your things away. We’re going out.” I look up from my spot on the living room floor as Mom rushes across the room to snatch up her purse. My pencils line …


Be my superman!

An excerpt from Playing For Keeps. Release date: July 20, 2019.   Channeling the spring break, twenty-one-year-old me, I dig my nails between Riley’s exterior wall and the window screen, then pop it out. Patting my pockets to make sure my cell and keys stay put, I boost myself up. The stench hits me first. …


#Checkmate5 is done!

The Checkmate Series might be my best yet – it’s definitely the most fun to write! – and is racing along faster than I can type. Kane’s story has been told. Angelo has told us what he wants us to hear. Riley and Andi are set for a DOUBLE release in July! (Buy Here) and …


A Surprise For Readers!

LIMITED EDITION BOBBY AND KIT These limited edition covers for Finding Home are available nowhere but from Emilia’s hands. They’re not for regular sale, they’re not on Amazon or any other retailer on this planet. These limited edition covers are a special print run made at a private printer for Emilia to distribute where and …


Where is Emilia signing?

Books By The Bridge – Sea World Gold Coast, Australia.   September 28, 2019 –  BBTBGC is the only Australian signing planned for the foreseeable future. If you’ve already secured your event tickets, you can pre-order Emilia’s books here Lay All Your Books On Me  – Cleveland Ohio, USA. March 26-29, 2020 – Emilia will be …